dairy performance network

Easy to Use

Our application allows you to keep all of your KPI's in one location, we measure, Feed Efficiency, Energy Corrected Milk and various other metrics..

dairy software

Stay Connected

DairyStash allows you to collaborate with your managers and the teams on the ground, the visualizations help you and your team to act fast!

dairy peer group

Customized Reporting

We are able to customize your reporting based on your metrics that matter to you.

Herd Performance Monitoring

Our team will also go in depth with your records to help you better understand the metrics and which KPI's help improve the bottom line.

Dairy key performance indicators

Visual Dairy Analytical Dashboard

Our dashboards give you a better visualization of your data, to help you and the teams on farm to better interpret data. Sometimes the data can be overwhelming our dashboards make the data easier to read and understand.

dairy comparison dashboard